GoPubMed What, Who, Where and When

Gopubmed is an search engine based on PubMed with a web 2.0 dress . It delivers the first 1000 results. On the left you can select on Mesh Headings (Medical subject headings)and GO (Gene Ontology).

They have upgraded their search engine. The left part delivers answers to important questions for researcher about the articles retrieved by their search: What, Who, Where and When. Especially When is very useful. You can easily limit your search to the last month, year or even day. If they apply RRS feeds they are making this blogger very happy.

On top of the list are the 5 most important categories for your search. With “electroconvulsive therapy” you can immediately select the Mesh term depression with the results of your search. Next are the top 10 GO and Mesh terms to refine your search.You can also see the last 5 queries you typed in.

With Who you can search for the authors or a specific author. Not only does Where deliver the countries and cities the publications are from, but also the most important journals.You can easily search the most important journals such as the NEJM for your query.

Everything very slick, fast and with a nice lay out.Can’t wait for the next improvements (RSS?).

“In GoPubMed the search is sorted; sorting documents into highly organised networks such as GO and MeSH facilitates the finding of relevant documents and the answering of questions with significant ease!” says Michael Schroeder, Professor for Bioinformatics at TU Dresden and CSO and Co‑Founder of Transinsight.

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