8 Facts about Toblerone Chocolate

When I was a kid flying was still for the happy few. It was surrounded with luxury excitement and “going places”. When someone from our family made a trip he or she would always return with a toblerone bar from the duty free shop of the airport.

Did you know that:

  • Toblerone is with us for 100 years this year
  • The recipe was never changed and is secret. It is a mix of almonds, nougat, honey and chocolate invented by Theodor Tobler in 1908 together with his nephew Emil Baumann
  • It is available in 122 countries
  • It is the last chocolate bar still produced in Switzerland, all other Swiss chocolate is made in the developing countries
  • The name is a conjunction of the last name of Theodor Tobler and the Italian for nougat: torrone.
  • 25% of all their chocolate bars are sold in duty free shops
  • The shape of the bars the triangle is inspired by the mountain Matterhorn. It is an unique design for chocolate bars, and patented. Some say they can see a bear in the logo of the matterhorn
  • Just before world war 2 and in the eighties of the previous century the factory almost went bankrupt

It is even used as a nickname for a moving operation of yahoo from London to Switzerland: operation Toblerone

Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO), which had been threatening its European operations for the last year to shape up or they would be shipped out, has done just that: it is moving its European headquarters from London to Switzerland, with 70 of its top managers in the UK told to relocate or lose their jobs, reports FT. The move, nicknamed Operation Toblerone, was made for corporate tax reasons, the story says citing a source.

About the video found on YouTube:

this late 90s Toblerone ad was designed to run in the surreal style of some of the Beatles songs. Featuring the confectionary made from Triangular Almonds from Triangular Trees, and Triangular Honey from Triangular Bees! That’s a lot of Triangles!

Besides their dark chocolate no conflict of interest here.

Thanks NRC