Paul Newman (1925-2008)

Paul Newman

Yes I admired Paul Newman, excellent actor, but so did others apparently.
On Presentation Zen:

Paul Newman, one of the greatest American actors of all time, died yesterday at the age of 83. Newman was not only an absolute legend as an actor, but a great humanitarian and philanthropist as well (his Newman’s Own food label, for example, donated all profits and royalties to charity, about $250 million so far). Newman always seemed like a truly nice guy who was unspoiled by his Hollywood-superstar status.

A lot of video fragments how else can you remember a great actor.

On The Art of Manliness a tribute to Paul Newman with a lot of video clips.

Below, I’ve included a short list of Mr. Newman’s manliest movies and a flim clip from each one. I hope you enjoy.

More pictures of Paul Newman on BBC News