A review of medblogs for patients

  • DR. SHOCK MD PHD https://www.shockmd.com/
  • Focus: electroconvulsive therapy
  • Hosted by: anonymous physician from the Netherlands
  • Coverage: depression, psychiatry, neuroscience
  • Advertisements: none
  • David’s reasoning: I know I said I didn’t include anything written outside of the US but just take a look at the past posts listed under ’Categories’ (located on the right-hand side of the page in the gray column) and tell me I was wrong in including this site

On Carpenter Library News a review of medblogs for patients.

I took MedGadget’s (the internet journal of emerging medical technologies) 2007 MedBlog awards page and looked at all of the nominated sites (@100 unique sites). I immediately eliminated any blogs that were outside of the U.S. and blogs that were exclusively written for other physicians, medical students, or nurses. I evaluated the consumer-oriented blogs by noting who wrote them, what their coverage was and whether the blogs contained advertisements. Coverage info was gathered from the blog’s subjects over several months. I have listed the ones I found to be of interest below with their urls in case anyone would like to view them for themselves. The order in which I have placed them is alphabetical; I made no attempt to rank the ones I found to be of the most interest but I have included my reasons about each one to assist your evaluation.

It is an honor to be mentioned in his review together with other great medblogs, please let him know he wasn’t wrong including my blog. O, and by the way this blog isn’t anonymous.