Neuron Up Close and Personal


Images were taken with a scanning electron microscope, digitized, and then animated. Created by Tina (Weatherby) Carvalho.

Go see this interesting animation of a real neuron

The next image is also from Microangela it is a single neuron which has been grown in a petri dish. The lump at the far end is the cell body. The flat part spread out at the closer end is the growth cone area, a part of the neuron that is trying to find the cell(s) it’s supposed to make a synapse with. The skinny part in between is the axon. The little hairs sticking up from the cell body are possibly forming dendrites.

neuron electron microscope image

MicroAngela is a website with a lot of Electron Microscope Images. Images may be downloaded from the site for educational, non-profit use only (such as a school report). If you need higher resolution images, without the watermark, you can contact Tina Carvalho. Terrific, spread the word…….