Grand Rounds Volume 5 No. 13 is up


49 Medbloggers submitted a post for this grand round on A Chronic Dose: A Chronic Illness Blog. The theme was the best writing of the year–the funniest, most poignant, most controversial, etc. from their blog. Have fun.

My post is about Psychiatrists wearing a white coat. Didn’t read the theme properly, just submitted a recent interesting post, will make this up later next week. In Scotland all white coats are banned for doctors.

The national uniform will include tunics in four shades of blue, with navy trousers for clinical staff. Support staff, such as porters and catering employees, will wear shades of green.
Staff will also be instructed to wear short-sleeved shirts or blouses, not to carry pens or scissors in their outside breast pockets, and to wear their hair tied back.

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