Videos on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

This is a dutch video on TMS used in a prior post on this blog: Look what TMS can do in the hand of a smart dutch psychologist.
Jan Martens is the author of He is conducting a historical research about the use of electricity and magnetism in psychiatry. He is now focussing on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).

He is looking for some old videos about TMS. In this recent post he collected several more recent videos on TMS. He is looking for old videos on this subject, can anyone help him out?

This morning I was looking at some videos on TED. This made me wonder if and what kind of videos are online available about TMS. I was hoping to find an old video no one ever heard that I could use for my reseach but unfortunatelly that did not happen. I tried Youtube with the search “transcranial magnetic stimulation” and only a handful of interesting modern videos were the result. No old videos about guinea pigs in a magnetic stimulator came up. Nevertheless I will present the videos below. So if you might come across interesting videos or other information about TMS please let me know in the comments

Nice collection of TMS videos.