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Space shuttle

Amazing pictures and videos for free.

Image Fortress announced last week a new online digital library called the International Space Archives. This new collection not only covers still and video imagery produced by NASA but by the space programs of Russia, Japan, China, and other nations. It’s available at

The categories on the left has sub categories and some even sub-sub categories.

About the videos

There are 97 historical videos and 97 educational videos. The historical ones are press conferences, what look like documentaries, and so on. The videos are available, not just indexed; when you click on a thumbnail for a video you get a page of notes and information and the video on a Flash-based player.

An astronaut`s eye view of what happens inside the flight deck during launch and landing at the Kennedy Space Center.

Video of Moonwalk: One Small Step…., Focuses on Neil Armstrong’s historical first step on the Moon’s surface

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