Mendeley Manage Share and Discover Research Papers.


Mendeley is free social software for managing and sharing research papers. It is a Web 2.0 site for discovering research trends and connecting to like-minded academics. The former chairman of is working with Mendeley.

You have to download some small program to upload your articles (pdf’s) to your library on Mendeley. There is a windows, mac and even linux version of the program. After download you can choose to have the program find the title and authors as well as journal for you. On your desktop you can change or add metadata, filter by author, make document groups and see all the references of the article imported. Will take some time to upload it, didn’t try mass upload yet, not aware if this is possible. In your desktop app you can sync with the website of Mendeley.

After login the fun starts. Besides your library with all your pdf’s you can see the most read articles in your field.You can make a profile with photo and resume. In the statistics part (statistics are fun) you can see the number of users by academic discipline, most read authors and most read authors in your field, most frequently used tags etc. This is were came in.

You can aslo search members per academic field and collect contacts. There is even a map with all members on the map, only found 3 other Dutch scientists. It’s difficult to choose between Mendeley and Labmeeting. Can someone help, what do you think? I have a perfect solution for my computer: Sente, but I haven’t decided yet on my online library. Maybe the first one to make a sync tool with Sente will become my favorite online library.