Selection of Medblogs from The Netherlands

dutch grand round

The Dutch grand round had a short live. Nevertheless some medbloggers in The Netherlands produce interesting posts. Had lost track of most of them. Decided to produce a monthly selection as a kind of grand round. Choices are very biased and made by myself. If you feel left out, unappreciated or anything else please contact me.

Posts in English

Laika’s MedLibLog discusses the use of web 2.0 for personalized medicine. Personalized medicine can be a tool which lets you subscribe to journals, news, media and blogs and (straightforward) PubMed searches. She discusses several tools for personalized medicine or a efficient way to stay up to date. She evens shows how to do it yourself and make subscriptions really personalized. Once you know it is simple, believe me.

Cryptocheilus needs your help, he needs a title for this photo:


A summary of an European symposium on Electroconvulsive therapy in Lisbon is on Electroconvulsive therapy

Health Management RX writes about how to make Emergency Records On USB Thumb Drive. It is about making a small usb drive with all your important information, with slideshow and pdf.

usb thumbdrive

Remember trying to pull info together for an application or form to fill out? A little stressful right? What if you house burned down, got copies of all your records?
I also considered putting all this information up in the cloud (the internet) but I’m not yet comfortable with the security aspect and one other important thing, you need a broadband connection, not available everywhere yet.

Jan at has three interesting posts on his workflow as a scientist. How to obtain collect and store all the information found and needed for his PhD thesis. An interesting and useful post about the management of his pdf load. This post is followed by a post about his greasemonkey scripts he wrote for searching pubmed and retrieving the information and how to store all this information.

DigiCMB has a short instructive video for the PubMed Toolbar
. You can download the toolbar here.

Posts in Dutch

De Gezonde Patient is worried about the prescription of Prozac to children

Bettine Pluut has a slideshow about patient doctor relationship and health 2.0

Huntington Daily has a post about a special Huntington bed

ECGGreetje has a post about Hyves, a social network. On Hyves there is now a group for worried nurses about all the cuts in health care.

Marjolein Fermie has a critical post about A website were doctors can promote themselfs at the cost of 550 euro. Marketing has come to medicine in The Netherlands, low and behold.

Medlog has a post about payment to co-assistenen (clerkship) for their work

Pictures on Paramedic from the recent plane crash near Schiphol Amsterdam.

Dr Lutser had me fooled, he changed his feed and blog lay out but found an interesting post about HPV vaccin

A day in the life of a shrink has a post about physician suicide