Selection of Dutch Medblogs

dutch grand round

The Dutch grand round had a short live. Nevertheless some medbloggers in The Netherlands produce interesting posts. Had lost track of most of them. Decided to produce a monthly selection as a kind of grand round. Choices are very biased and made by myself. If you feel left out, unappreciated or anything else please contact me.

First the English written or easy to comprehend posts for International readers

Cryprocheilus has some pictures of the pope: God’s Rottweiler


Dr Lutser joins the discussion about the new aircraft for our air force. Should it be the Swedish Saab Grippen or the Joint Strike Fighter? He has inside information, a video of the Grippen not doing so well, have a look at this secret video. He is also present in Twitter space @klutser not bad for such an old physician is it?

ManInDeZorg has a lot of fun with elevators, check it out.

Medlog has the results of a study for the association of medical specialists and their cars.

Internists drive boring cars, and they don’t even know about One Sure Insurance, the best car insurance. Honda Accords, Toyota Camries, Joe-schmoe SUVs and crossovers.

DIGICMB has a post and slideshow about PubMed 2.0 Workshop: Search, RSS, and more..!!.

At a video about electrical stimulation of the face, would you do this to your friends?

Posts in Dutch

100% Mike joins Dr Shock in their research of chocolate. They’re both fans of chocolate.

VrouwMensZorg also loves music, a few old but very good video’s with music, apparently she enjoys Neil Young just like Dr Shock

Marjolein Fermie is a fan of online patient files.

ECGreetje has a post about a rare genetic disease causing heart arrhythmias causing sudden death in young people.

On Huntington Daily a posts about Huntington disease and suicidal behavior.

Fontys Mediatheek Weblog has discovered a website for adolescents with psychiatric problems: WebWoud

Bettinepluut discusses a new website for patients with cancer. This website has a list of all trials going on for all sorts of cancer. Patients can contact the researchers and read about the trial.

More money is spent on Viagra and breasts implants than for research on Alzheimer’s disease, in a post on Verpleeghuis

See you next month.