PubMed Update

PubMed went to some changes recently. This video is about the advanced searches on PubMed. Not all librarian’s are pleased with these changes. From The Krafty Librarian I noticed that the Single Citation Matcher will be gone. Straight from the pubmed search box it will realize that you are looking for a citation and display the citations of up to three articles in a light yellow box that appears above the search results.

The tabs (Limit, Preview/Index, Clipboard, History, etc.) will also disappear. These functions will be available on Advanced Search. Full text icons are gone. For more changes to come please read at The Krafty Librarian although most of these changes mainly means a headache for librarians instead of physicians trying to search PubMed.

Laika’s MedLibLog also has here fears for all these changes on PubMed

To be honest, I fear the upcoming changes. Personally, I already switched to the OVID interface to search MEDLINE, but I’m afraid of how it will affect the search courses we give and the way the patrons will search PubMed. Given the past experiences (usage of wrong MeSH, too easy use of limits, no use of Clinical Queries), I’m not very confident about it.

PubMed is just Googlizing the search process. What do you think, will it affect the searches done by physician’s with the usual lack of time and proper search education?

An advantage for researchers might be the new My Bibliography. This is meant for authors to bring all of their publications into one place. You can only create one bibliography and is really only meant to be a save citation search place. It isn’t meant to work with or as a citation manager.