Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and Sidrerias

guggenheim Bilbao

Back again. Won’t bother you with the different wines tasted, oysters eaten, hotels and places visited. Just some extraordinary experiences during my vacation. The first is the visit to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Not for the permanent or temporary exhibitions but mainly the architecture of the museum the building itself. Except for the floor their is no straight line in the whole building. I checked it! Amazing. The main intention of the architect, Frank Gehry, was to incorporate the building in the landscape of the city and surroundings of Bilbao, in which he succeeded.

They only used glass, limestone and titanium for this building. The limestone was chosen to match the colors and facades of the surrounding. The glass is specially treated to protect the interior against heat and radiation. The titanium is half a millimetre thick.

The other peculiar phenomenon encountered was the drinking of cider or sidre as they call it in Asturias Spain. In Sidrerias this drink with low alcohol (3,5%) is poured in glasses in a most extraordinary way. Spanish sidre is poured in small amounts from above the head into a glass held at waist height. The waiter is not supposed to look at the bottle or glass but with a staring gaze out on the green hills. This aerates the still cider and improves the taste, but only if it’s drunk quickly before the bubbles subside. You have to drink the glass in one gulp. It generally splashes all over the floor, their hands, feet and the feet of anyone near them. Out of every bottle of cider, you’d be lucky to actually drink about a third. It’s cheap though. Here is a picture, she cheats.

Cider Sidra Sidreria Spain

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