Augmented reality made easy

iPhone hacker Chris Hughes demos an open source software project that makes creating “augmented reality” a cinch. He shows how a virtual object (like a 3D spaceship), in cahoots with live footage, can interact with the real world right through a web browser.

In comments on this video it appears to be a standard implementation of Papervision3D and FLARToolkit, for which tutorials can be found online. Papervision3D and FLARToolkit are open source projects. This means that urls, credit and a clear explanation of what you did with the software should be given. It’s work done by 2 software team’s hundreds hours of work. You can read more about the background of this software on Unitzeroone. It’s pretty cool stuff.

For another example of this technology check out this video of an augmented reality shooter:

Can this be used in medical education?