Pilots with Depression

pilots with depression

A new blog: Pilots with Depression that got my attention due to a reaction on the post Can Pilots Fly When Using Antidepressants?

Most airlines don’t allow their pilots flying when on antidepressants. In Australia they have a better attitude to this problem, because to my opinion it is better to have a pilot on antidepressants than a depressed pilot.

This conclusion was substantiated by results research: A study presented at a conference of the World Psychiatric Association in Melbourne on Friday found no statistical difference between medicated and non-medicated pilots in terms of their safety record. But importantly, there was a tendency for more accidents in the period prior to pilots going on to anti-depressants, but not once they were on them.

This blogger pilot is at home, he is not allowed to fly.

I have done a great deal in my life. I have much to offer, yet I still do not see myself as worthwhile unless I am at the controls of an airplane.