The Future of Medblogging on the BlogWorld Expo

This video was made by Rohit Bhargava who the famous medical blogger Kevin Pho of KevinMD on the the Blogworld Expo, about why he blogs, what results he has seen and the future of the medical blogosphere the future of Medical Blogging. He makes clear why it is important for doctors to blog.

This was a week ago the Blogworld Expo, the World largest Conference on Blogging in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Would have liked to join those famous bloggers. As Laikas put it:

I’m blogging in my spare time and although it has many spin-offs for my work, I would never have the resources and the time to go there. So, it was with a little jealousy and envy that I followed all those cheerful tweets from my colleague medbloggers.

She wrote a post with a lot of videos and links to pictures, interviews and impressions of this important BlogWorld Expo [SOTB].