Snow in The Netherlands

snow in the netherlands

Snow is causing a lot of troubles on roads, train, and airports these days in The Netherlands. Even heard a spokesman compare these problems with the problems of Chicago in the winter as an excuse. “In Chicago these problems also exists in the winter”. No one objects but comparing the weather of Chicago with the weather in The Netherlands is like comparing apples and oranges.

The average Chicago winter produces 38.0 inches (94 cm) of snow. This is just an average; Chicago winters have produced between 9.8 and 89.7 inches (25 cm and 221 cm) of snow.

In finding lame excuses the spokesmen and -women of the responsible companies for the chaos use the mushroom method: keep people in the dark and feed them bull shit.

On the other hand, shit happens. It seems like people don’t except this. There has to be someone to blame for any mishap.

Winter also has it good sides or better: beautiful sites. Tried photographing in the snow. Used under and overexposure, took photos with a tripod for tack sharp pictures, even tried bracketing for HDR photography. Enjoyed myself but found the most simple camera settings the best. For more snow pictures have a look on flickr here.

dutch snow