Google Wave and Twitter

A very good and concise practical introduction to Google Wave. This video shows good examples on how to make use of the features of Google Wave. What I liked most about this video is the use of Google Wave for Twitter. There is a way to fully integrate Twitter into Google Wave: using TwitterGadget.

A warning from Dr Ves @DrShock G Wave with Twitter Integration – No API login, you have to give them user name/password – not good.

Another example is about embedding google wave in other applications such as blogs. This last feature sounds pretty cool. I’ve tried Google Wave recently with Tom Beek on twitter, a famous Dutch Saxophone player. We discussed one of my upcoming posts on Jazz and Medical Dangers. Another example from the video is playback or watching how a wave was build.

Wave combines features from email, instant messenger, Google Docs, wikis, and forums and throws its own spin on things. For a quick visual of its offerings versus similar tools, check out this feature-by-feature comparison.

Thanks Clinical Cases and Images