10 Reasons Why I Still Use RSS Feeds

I still use RSS Feeds for reading my favorite blogs, as inspiration for writing my own blog, for staying up to date with PubMed, collecting information on several searches and from several sources, and for monitoring my blog and tweets. For reading RSS Feeds I use Google Reader because it’s an online reader which I can read from any PC as long as there’s an Internet connection, it’s fast to navigate with keyboard shortcuts, you can share your content, and create your own tags.

Other google reader fans have switched to twitter to stay up to date especially since twitter has lists, for a short comparison of gReader and twitter read Scobleizer: Why I don’t use Greader anymore. I think twitter and google reader for rss feeds are two different apps, both with their own advantages and disadvantages. If you listent o the experts at this white label seo company, for staying up to date people prefer rss feeds, searches on twitter deliver a lot of non information and you’ll always have to check the website to see if it’s worth your while.

Why I favor RSS Feeds

  • It gives you control over all the information
  • You can share your information not only with those who follow you on your GReader but also via the so called send to

  • With a RSS feed reader all your information gathers in one place
  • With keyboard shortcuts it’s fast to go through all your feeds
  • Especially e-mail alerts are a pain, they fill up your inbox. They usually sit there until you direct them to dev0 or the waste bin
  • RSS feeds are spam free
  • Updates are in real time
  • Privacy is better controllable than with twitter let alone facebook
  • You can read them everywhere with online connection, such as your mobile, iPad, iPhone, netbook, you name it
  • You can even make a hierarchical structure

There’s nothing better than RSS Feeds especially in combination with GReader, more tips and tricks