Scientia Pro Publica: a call for submissions

This blog will be the location for the next edition of the Scientia Pro Publica blog carnival on August the 30th. You can submit your posts by using this automated submission form . They are still seeking hosts for upcoming issues; we still have some open hosting slots through the end of 2010 [see schedule]. If you have always wanted to host an issue of Scientia Pro Publica on your blog, now is your chance!

The purpose of this blog carnival is simple: to provide a large public platform that celebrates the best science, nature and medical writing published within the previous month in the blogosphere. This means the host should be able to understand what you’ve written. If the host can’t understand it, neither will the public. Acceptable submissions include “translations” of scientific papers, original essays about a scientific topic or theme, and reviews of books about science. Other submissions may or may not be accepted at the current host’s discretion. Topics range from basic to applied sciences; from physics, chemistry and biology to pharmacology and medicine.