Evernote and “Read It Later”

When I started blogging I used Google Notebook a lot. Whenever coming across an interesting website, blogpost, video, with just one click it was saved into Google Notebook. Used it for blogging but also for the other aspects of my live such as work, science and education. Unfortunately Google decided to stop the development of Google Notebook. They’re starting something new, a Chrome extension for Web Clipboard, but to late and to buggy for my taste to even try it.

Moreover, my work flow has changed a lot since than and I am not switching again. Started using Evernote first for clipping web content. But soon “Read It Later” appeared, a very fast and easy to use bookmarklet supported in many browsers to collect website or selections of websites. Besides the support of all different kinds of browsers you can also use it on your mobile smart phone.

In the mean while Evernote got cluttered with a lot of notebooks and tags. Recently decluttered evernote. Got rid of all my notebooks except for Inbox, Archive and Pending. I did put all notes in Pending before getting rid of all the notebooks. Also got rid of all the tags and started using Evernote as the extension of “Read It Later” in my work flow. But first if I’ve some spare time I work through the Pending note book and either delete or tag the items. Keeping notebooks as few as possible. One notebook for a specific area of my live such as blogging. Instead of many notebooks I mostly use tags and subtags. This procedure to declutter Evernote is from the New Evernote Book: Evernote Essentials.

So whenever I come across something interesting on the web for which I’ve not enough time to read I place it in “Read It Later”. When reading these clips and deciding it’s interesting enough to keep for a blog post or future reference I will put it in Evernote.

I use Evernote also for other collections such as photos from business cards and even recipes but your not interested in them.

All settled with an efficient work flow wit both, not only for blogging. Other options for your workflow can be found in Evernote’s Trunk. Curious for your work flow, let me know in the comments.