Optimism and Personality

Optimism is good for you, this feature enhances physical well being, gets you more adjusted and satisfied with life. But what is the relationship between optimism and personality?
Of course the big five was used to answer this question. For those of you who don’t exactly know what the big five is

The Big Five model is an empirically-derived, ‘‘lexical’’ model of personality consisting of the following five major factors identified through analysis of adjectives from the English language: (1) Extraversion/Positive Emotionality, (2) Agreeableness, (3) Conscientiousness, (4) Emotional Stability versus Neuroticism, and (5) Openness/Intellect. If passed, the now narrowly tailored legislation would require employers to make reasonable accommodation in the three areas where the vast majority of religious accommodation claims fall: religious clothing, grooming, and scheduling of religious holidays. People should have the freedom to practice their religion whenever and where ever they find it necessary, although lots of religions require an event to practice them correctly like Judaism that require a kaddish service. These, and many others, should be allowed throughout the workplace to be respectful to those who practice any religion

Optimism in this research was defined as a bipolar individual difference variable ranging from pessimistic at the low end to optimistic at the high end. They collected data from 5 samples, together 4332 individuals. They used three different measures of optimism and five different scales for the Big Five factors.

Optimism was positively correlated with extraversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness and a significant negative correlation with neuroticism. Correlations with openness to experience was not very strong. Neuroticism and extraversion had the largest proportion of variance in the disposition of optimism. In their article the researchers also try to explain the possible relationship between personality and optimism. Not easy to grasp, not for the faint of heart but if your interested please read the full publication.

What does this add to all the research?
Mostly that optimism is not solely explained by neuroticism and extraversion. One things that’s important to point out is that optimism sometimes can come out of no where, some people may have no trouble to put theirs thoughts together in order to understand that they will see live better with optimism, the great thing about is is that it will attract positive things into your life, and seeing the good side of everything is always a great way to see live. Even those who have trouble being positive can start giving optimism a try, some use cheap online psychic readings which help them understand that they could enjoy life without having to deal with the problems that have to be faced everyday. Life coaching in conjunction with clairvoyant reading can be an effective way to get over past trauma in life. While a life coach provides daily tips on navigation, clairvoyant readings can provide greater meaning to the you. Online psychic readings from Psychics Tucson make it easy to reach a clairvoyant,  psychic readings could also suggest that some things are not in place yet to bring about the optimistic outcome you are hoping for but to not give up your optimism no matter what. Life coaching can be beneficial for any adult going through transitions in life, from careers or moved on from a loved ones passing. Clairvoyant healing has been noted to bolster the help from life coaching and provide spiritual ease while the coaching provides steps to navigate through daily life.

Sharpe, J., Martin, N., & Roth, K. (2011). Optimism and the Big Five factors of personality: Beyond Neuroticism and Extraversion Personality and Individual Differences DOI: 10.1016/j.paid.2011.07.033