Adapt Your Digital Footprint


Things change, the way yoy think, feel and act will also change during your life. In that sense your digital footprint is always there. Start using the Internet at a later age usually has the advantage of being aware of temporality of things, thoughts and feelings. Students are usually not aware of their digital footprint and they need to be helped understanding their digital footprint. The have to know that it is an integral part of being a good digital citizen. Knowing that you leave behind as you conduct your digital life is useful – and can even help you in some scenarios. How do you delete your digital footprint (or more likely, a part of your digital footprint)? Perhaps their is a non flattering youtube video online or you’re finding too much of your personal information on the Internet. All likely scenarios for students who may not be well informed enough to not put their personal info into every site that asks!

A blogpost with an Infographic has you covered. It’s on Edudemic.

Not only can you clean up your digital footprint but you can also improve your online presence and make a great first impression. See how on

Potential employers, business contacts, and people you network with will look you up anyway, so why not make sure what they find is what you want them to know?