Victory Boogie Woogie and Science

Victory Boogie Woogie by Piet Mondriaan

This famous painting by Piet Mondriaan has been analysed the past 2 years with X-ray, infrared and microscope. Without touching the painting they unraffeld the history of it’s origins. Mondriaan changed the painting frequently even short before he died in February 1944, he used tape and paint to adapt the picture. Even the lines from which he started the painting have been changed frequently. Some colors were changed 2 to 7 times.
They recently also discovered a short video fragment with Piet Mondriaan on it.

I am a great fan of this painter, the Victory Boogie Woogie is called the Nachtwacht of the 20th century. I like his earlier work even more.

Windmill Piet Mondriaan

Which do you like the most, the earlier or later work by Piet Mondriaan?