Slide:ology, the art and science of creating great presentations


Presentations these days have outgrown the bullet points presentation we’re used to with powerpoint. Using presentations with only bullet points is out. There is even a new phrase for these presentations: Death by Powerpoint meaning killing your audience with boring PowerPoint presentations. Flickr has a group with pictures of lethal powerpoint slides.

This book itself is well designed, it looks beautiful. Moreover it has a lot of examples for good use of effective visual expression. It clearly describes the design part of making slides. It starts of with knowing your audience and creating ideas, using for instance post it notes for building ideas for your presentation. Making a presentation doesn’t start with firing up power point.

After explaining how to start the set up of a presentation, using diagrams and data the book quickly starts with the design part which is the main topic of this book. Arranging elements and using these visual elements such as images, background, color, and text.

The book also has a website: with some nice examples of using panoramas with slides and creating scenes with slides.

It also has a lot of examples called a case study. One of which is Al Gore with his presentation: An Inconvenient Truth, created by the author of this book: Nancy Duarte, Principal of Duarte Design. Another case study is Stroke Insight by Jill Bolte-Tailor.

Very good book, well designed, focuses on design. It is not a book on how to make those designs. It teaches you the basic of design, the process of design but not how to implement these lessons. It is in that way comparable to Presentation Zen, also recently reviewed on this blog. Both differ from Beyond Bullet Points which focuses on the content of the presentation and has a few examples of how to design nice slides. Also recently reviewed on this blog. So I am waiting for a good how to book. How to implement those design rules in PowerPoint. Can anyone recommend a book for implementing this kind of design in powerpoint? Pleas let me know in the comments

Garr Reynolds who wrote Presentation Zen also reviewed slide:ology on his blog. He even made a short video about the book.