Chocolate recipes

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Pure chocolate is the best. Nevertheless some recipes with chocolate can be irresistible. It is easy to make these chocolate covered strawberries, everything you need to know is right here: Materials, Techniques and Presentation on these instructive slides.

chocolate macarons

Chocolate macarons, you can find the recipe here at Ms Adventures in Italy

Making macarons was easier and more fun than I hoped it would be, but it was perhaps the biggest mess I’ve made in the kitchen for quite some time

chocolate cake in a mug

Chocolate cake in a mug made with the microwave. Very easy and with an instructive video on flickr.

a dead-easy chocolate cake recipe that only requires hot chocolate mix, flour, an egg, cooking spray, and oil (all stuff you’ve got in your pantry anyway). Grab the biggest microwavable coffee mug you’ve got in your cupboard, and cover the inside with cooking spray. Mix up four tablespoons of flour and nine tablespoons of hot chocolate mix, then throw in three tablespoons of water, three tablespoons of oil and one egg. Once it’s thoroughly mixed into an even batter, microwave the whole shebang for three minutes on high.