A Cracking Grand Rounds

Wallace and gromit

An extensive grand round with a lot of posts in a funny theme on Emergiblog:

Our theme this week comes to us courtesy of that loveable, wacky duo, Wallace and Gromit! Many, many submissions make for a wonderful ‘Rounds and this week is no exception.

I especially liked:

Parents Are Concerned about Psychiatric Medications
Concern about the use of psychiatric medication for children: an underlying factor in negative public response is lack of acceptance that serious mental illness exists among children and adolescents

On ACP Internist a post about bleu M&M’s and spinal cord injury. Scientists at the University of Rochester suspect the blue dye used in M&Ms and Gatorade may interrupt the cell death that follows spinal cord injury.


A must read on Laika’s MedLibLog Clinical Reader, a Fancy New Aggregator – But All is not Gold that Glitters. Or how the web 2.0 can mislead you and on the other hand can help discover misleading initiatives. It’s all about accountability and credibility.

On Dr Ottematic about Resident Physicians:

Who is this young, inexperienced, excessively thorough, very slow-to-get-things-done but has-a-lot-of-time-to listen person standing before them? I’m a Resident Physician. I’m “the future face of medicine.”