Bill O’Reilly Has to Learn His Maths



Question: Why have so many more people in the USA, were marijuana is illegal tried it? 40% of people in the USA compared to 20,2 % in The Netherlands?
Bill O’Reilly: The way they do the statistics in The Netherlands is different, plus it is a much smaller country, it’s a much smaller base to do the stats on. I don’t care what happens in The Netherlands…..

As you can see in a previous post: The Truth about Pot, Anarchy, and Sex in Amsterdam, a response to a Fox News Broadcast by someone living in Amsterdam and a little smarter, all figures are in percentages.

From Wikipedia

In mathematics, a percentage is a way of expressing a number as a fraction of 100 (per cent meaning “per hundred”). It is often denoted using the percent sign, “%”. For example, 45% (read as “forty-five percent”) is equal to 45 / 100, or 0.45. You can also visit the site
Percentages are used to express how large one quantity is, relative to another quantity. The first quantity usually represents a part of, or a change in, the second quantity, which should be greater than zero.

So Dear Bill this way the numbers are relative in order to compare larger populations to smaller ones. This video was not on his website or on the Fox News website so enjoy it here.