Photogenic Rotterdam

A big city usually is not a quiet empty place to enjoy nature. They can be overcrowded, busy, smelling places with people rushing from one spot to another. Nevertheless cities can have a soul. Rotterdam, the city I live in is one of the largest harbors of the world, it’s always busy, recreating itself. Following the German air raids of May 1940, the city was completely rebuilt in a daring and innovative new style. The skyline of Rotterdam with the Erasmus Bridge is justifiably world famous. But it doesn’t stop there, it’s still going on.

Why does this make Rotterdam a photogenic city? Found the answer on this webpage: Techniques of Vincent Klijn

Summary of photogenic qualities

  • clear and simple in lines and shape,
  • clear separation in color and construction,
  • bold, sharp, important form,
  • powerful, unusual silhouette,
  • powerful and clear separation of light and shadow,
  • obvious depth due to separating lines, objects or other perspective shaping,
  • surface structure,
  • meaningful details,
  • patterns or other forms of repetition,
  • spontaneity and action.

But don’t take my word for it, have a look at these excellent pictures on flickr. Those above were made by Else Kramer, a photographer I’ve been following on twitter. She is a a free-lance photographer. Her work with clients is on the right spot between personal and professional. You can read on how she works on her new website in Dutch: Else Kramer.

The photos below were made with High Dynamic Range photography. They were made by Joep Roosen.

What do you think, is your city photogenic?, let me know in the comments.