Scientia Pro Publica 9

Scientia Pro Publica

The ninth edition of Scientia Pro Publica is up at Pleiotropy.

Scientia Pro Publica is a blog carnival devoted to celebrating the best science, nature, and medical writing in the blogosphere. Submissions may discuss any science-related topic, as long as they are written for a general audience (the Pro Publica part of the title), were published within the past two months, and do not promote the many forms of pseudoscience.

The posts of this edition fall neatly into three categories: biology, brains, and a hodgepodge of everything else.

I especially liked:

The harmonious ape on Why Evolution Is True. A discussion of a paper in which an experiment with a Chimpanzee suggest it has a preference for harmonious sounds – yet another trait we share with our closest living relatives.

Why sexual reproduction is so popular. It seems that the evolution of sex was influenced strongly by parasites.

The Natural Basis for Inequality of the Sexes, an very long but interesting post on this topic close to my heart on Greg Laden’s Blog.