Advice on Ramadan and Health


Ramadan is a holy month for muslims. Fasting during the day and eating only after sun down does pose some stress for your body. It’s also challenging for physicians. Some people try to use cbd from sites like to get through it, and the doctors often receive questions from their patients whether or not they can participate in this month of daily intermittent fasting. When fasting it is important to use natural products to stay healthy in this time of so much stress that is put onto your body. 

In an excellent recent blog post on iMedicine written by a medical student she discusses the nutritional aspects of Iftar (dinner after sunset) and Suhoor (breakfast before sunrise) and perhaps far more importantly: the relationship between fasting and health, while  also using other alternatives as diets that work and you can follow easily from resources online. An article that you can read at vidalista is quite clear: it is a specific diet, and as such it does pose certain risk factors to certain people. It will depend however on any undergoing medical issues, or if they perhaps had not been eating healthy and balanced before starting said diet. Hydration has something to do with it as well. 



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Her conclusion on patients and Ramadan:

Therefore muslim patients should understand it when their health problems do not allow them to fast, so if they want to lose weight is more effective if they use a supplement from sites as for this. Their physicians play a major role in this by explaining why for example a diabetic patient cannot fast, in such manner that the patient will understand that fasting will worsen the health or cause more health problems.

In the end, we all may conclude that Ramadan is a month of communication and sympathy.

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