You’re never to old to learn computer skills

elderly computer

E-health is the use of Internet technology and electronic communication to support the delivery and management of health care services. Despite the advantages of the Internet and advances in electronic communication, utilization of the Internet among older adults is relatively low. Improving computer skills of the elderly can enable them to access health information on the Internet and improve their health knowledge.

Thirty elderly attending community centers in Hong Kong showed a significant increase in mastery of computer skills and interest in accessing health information via the Internet after a 4-week e-health program; knowledge of health information in the area of physical exercise also increased significantly.

The e-health program consisted of 1,5 hours per week attending sessions in the activity room of an elderly center. This program included the mastery of basic computing skills and accessing government health web sites that provide health information about exercise. These sessions were video taped and participants could open and view these sessions. Pre- and post-questionnaires about the e-health program, a knowledge test, and focus group interviews were used.

With the collaboration of community services, the use of technology in the form of an e-health program would be an effective tool in providing health education to older people. Computer skills, interest in accessing health information, and health knowledge gained were found among the 30 participants.

You’re never to old to run but you’re also never to old to learn computer skills. Moreover they both can improve your health.
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