What will happen after Resonate in presentations?

I am reading a new book by Nancy Duarte: Resonate ( link to amazon.com). This is her next book after Slide:ology, the art and science of creating great presentations which a reviewed a while back. This new book is all about telling a story during your presentation. That’s the new hype in books on presentations. Wanted to review this new book but many were much faster than me. The author, Nancy Duarte blogged about one of the reviews in her blogpost: Two Years of Research, Forty-Six Words. The conclusion of that review is:

The conclusions are: Don’t be too cerebral. Tell stories. Figure out what the audience cares about. Create common ground with them. Move back and forth between opposing ideas to create energy. Deliver facts but put them in context and make them shocking if possible. Find inspiration anywhere you can.

May be will review it later but this sums it up nice and short. From what I have read so far it’s a little bit cluttered, she needs a lot of text explaining. Did a workshop in 2009 about the story in presenting scientific data, may be that’s why I think it’s a lot of text. On the other hand the book is nicely designed and has lots of excellent examples.

What I can add is the notion that the next book will be about the theatrical aspects of presenting. In the video above which is a compelling enthusiastic presentation with a story but what’s more important to learn is it’s theatrical aspects of the presentation. The use of gestures, the walking between the audience. That’s going to be the next hype.