The Truth About Amsterdam

Remember the truth about Pot, Sex and Anarchy in Amsterdam, a video with the real facts on the use of marijuana and soft drugs in The Netherlands compared to the USA. Also remember that Bill O’Reilly should learn his maths because he didn’t understand the usage of percentages in the comparison?

Well the makers of the video with the real facts have made a website: The Truth About Amsterdam.

We’re Robbert (26) and Elian (28), we live in Amsterdam. We set up this website as a response to the worldwide pre-assumptions about our city. TV host Bill O’Reilly from Fox News (USA) is one of the most hilarious representatives of these false ideas. We aim to show you a more realistic view of Amsterdam.

We hope that this site inspires you to come up with your own Amsterdam video, showing us and the world what you think it’s like. We’ll also continue to post new videos from time to time. We started the forum because we believe in freedom of speech and the power of internet. So please don’t hold back if you got something to say.

We are working on another reply to Bill. Keep checking our site as we’ll post it soon!