Largest Kandinsky Copy on Weilheim Square in Germany


An aerial view shows the market square of the southern Bavarian town of Weilheim, Germany painted with a copy of Russian-born French Expressionist Vasily Kandinsky’s painting ‘Weilheim-Maria’s square’. 500 mostly students have been working on it for three weeks.

Here is the painting form Kandinsky which he made in 1909.

Weilheim Marienplatz by Kandinsky

There is a website on this project with more picture, Ein Kandinsky fur Weilheim.

You can see more pictures of his work on Flickr: Kandinsky

In a recent post on this blog as a fan of Kandinsky, I wrote about Synaesthesia and Wassily Kandinsky.
Kandinsky in whom musical tones elicited specific colours, was a tone-colour synaesthete.

On Neurophilosophy the is more on the neuropsychology of synaesthesia.