Artwork: Tales Of A Borderline

tales of a borderline

Tales of a Borderline is an exhibition of artwork by artists with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). This disorder affects a persons emotions, causing emotional instability. For further information on BPD, see the ‘What is BPD?’ page.

A few examples of their artwork. The four artists now have an exhibition in the beautiful Renaissance Castle of Hartheim situated close to Upper Austria’s capital city Linz. This castle has a long and troubled history. It was there that Hitler carried out large parts of his National Socialist Euthanasia project on people suffering from mental diseases.

A new artistic programm called “KunstFormenHartheim” started in 2003. The main aim was to present outsider art produced at Hartheim in two newly refurbished gallery rooms in the neighbouring castle. Creativity was chosen as a medium to counteract the horrors of the past by a transition from pain into something new and different. The KulturFormenHartheim thus follows a twofold purpose: the presentation of high-quality outsider art (one of the artists from Hartheim, Heliodor Doblinger, won the EUWARD in 2002) while remembering the past. A new reality is created that stands at a distance to the historical reality but does not lose sight of it.

Tamar Whyte one of the artists has her own website with galleries and a lot of more information also on borderline personality disorder.


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